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Category Archives: Beavers

Beaver Meeting – 23 May 2014

This week the Beavers continued working towards their Imagination badge by learning a song with actions.  They all worked extremely hard and we hope that parents will be able to see the finished results in a few weeks time at the AGM.  The rest of the evening was spent playing games including mousetrap and our old favourite, dodgeball.

Don’t forget that there is no meeting next week since it is half term. The next meeting will be on Friday 6 June.

Wishing you a happy and relaxing half term

The Beaver Team

IMG_1519 IMG_1525 IMG_1542




Beaver Meeting – 16 May 2014

Our meeting this week started with a ‘moving up’ ceremony where we said goodbye to Haris and Amie as they moved to our Cub section. We will miss them, but know that they will enjoy the new challenges of Cubs.

The Beavers then continued work on their Imagination badge, this time creating a model village out of old cereal boxes.  They created some shops, houses, flats and even a fire station.  The evening finished off with some relay games.

The Beaver Team

IMG_1477 IMG_1490 IMG_1494 IMG_1515 IMG_1507 IMG_1512


Easter Camp photos – Beavers

On Saturday 26 April seventeen Beavers  joined the Cubs’ Spring Camp for the day where they were able to enjoy a number of organised activities as well as having free time to explore the woods and play in the field.

These are just a few of the things that the Beavers got up to:

  • decorating a nature inspired picture frame
  • developing their own nature photograph using photosensitive paper and things they found in the woods
  • hunting for objects in the woods of certain colours
  • playing ‘Where’s Wally?’
  • exploring the campsite and the woods
  • visiting the Tuck Shop!


We were fortunate with the weather and the Beavers behaved well resulting in a really enjoyable, if somewhat exhausting, day.

The Beaver Team

Beaver Meeting – 9 May 2014

This week the Beavers continued their work on the Imagination badge by drawing a picture showing what they thought things would look like in the future.   They produced very imaginative pictures of fantasy clothes, amazing flying machines, clever robots and even cities made of fruit!

Tonight was also a special night for Sarah and Theo as they officially enrolled in the 13th/21st Beaver Colony, we hope that they will enjoy their time with us.

The Beaver Team


Beaver Meeting – 2 May 2014

This term the Beavers are working for their Imagination badge and to get them in a creative mood our first meeting of term looked at art.  First of all the Beavers took on the role of ‘art detectives’ looking for various objects in famous paintings.  They were then set the challenge of creating a self portrait using crayons and pencils, some of the results were remarkably accurate.  The evening was rounded off with a game of Captain’s Coming.

Just a  quick reminder that summer subs are now due.  Many thanks to those parents who have already paid.

The Beaver Team

IMG_1403 IMG_1405 IMG_1409 IMG_1417 IMG_1430 IMG_1427


Beaver Meeting – 4 April 2014

This week the Beavers learned about Easter.  They talked about the Easter story and its importance to Christians as well as discovering some fun facts about chocolate eggs.  The Beavers also made Easter Bunny baskets and took part in a hectic Easter egg hunt.

Don’t forget….

There are no Beaver meetings for the next three weeks, the first meeting of the summer term will be on Friday 2 May.

Beaver Day Camp is on Saturday 26th April 10:45 am to 7:15 pm, we look forward to seeing all of those who have signed up.

The Beaver Team

IMG_1139 IMG_1162 IMG_1166 IMG_1172 IMG_1186 IMG_1191






Beaver Meeting – 28 March 2014

This week was our final week of the Healthy Eating badge and so the Beavers celebrated by making real and imaginary sandwiches.  Everyone had the chance to create one nice and one nasty sandwich using coloured pencils and crayons as well as making a real sandwich with a variety of ingredients. The evening finished with a game of  ‘Captain’s Coming’.

Don’t forget the Mothers’ Day church service at St  John’s Church in Harrow (opposite Debenhams) Beavers should arrive at 9.15am.

The Beaver Team

IMG_1127 IMG_1129IMG_1078 IMG_1105 IMG_1131 IMG_1122



Beaver Meeting – 21 March 2014

This week’s meeting was a very busy one. Firstly the Beavers spent some time preparing for the forthcoming Mothers’ Day Service by thinking about what makes their mum special.  Then they resumed work on the Healthy Eating Badge by taking the ‘Yuck or Yum Challenge’. The Beavers bravely tried a number of different fruits ranging from grapes to dates and pomegranite to kiwi before rating them on their sheets.  At the end of the evening the overall favourite fruit was the grape and the least favourite was the grapefruit.

The Beaver Team

IMG_1053 IMG_1062 IMG_1066 IMG_1068


Beaver Meeting – 14 March 2014

This week the Beavers continued to look at the benefits of keeping fit.  Our special visitor, Tim Fitzgerald, showed the Colony lots of fun ways of exercising.  Using an animal theme Tim got the Beavers jumping like frogs, balancing like flamingoes, stretching like giraffes, walking like crabs and plenty more besides. After a quick stop for a snack the meeting was rounded off with several hectic games of dodge ball.  The Beavers really enjoyed themselves and our thanks go to Tim for organising such a fun evening for us.

Next week we will be looking at healthy eating and so Beavers should come to the meeting in Beaver uniform as usual.

Dates for your diary:

21 March: Deadline for Beaver Day Camp payments

30 March:  Mothers’ Day Parade Service at St John’s Church in Harrow

4 April: Last meeting of term

The Beaver Team

IMG_1025 IMG_1030 IMG_1033 IMG_1038

Beaver Meeting – 7 March 2014

This week as part of the Fitness Challenge  the Beavers spent the evening trying a new sport – korfball.  They were taught the basic rules and techniques of the game by our special visitor John Tighe who is a very experienced korfball player. The Beavers learned a number of new skills as well as thoroughly enjoying themselves. Many thanks to John for organising such a fun evening for us.


Beaver Spring Day Camp – Saturday 26 April.

Completed consent forms together with payment should be handed in by Friday 21 March at the latest.

The Beaver Team

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