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Category Archives: Scouts

Scouts Troop Meeting – 6 May 2016

Eleanor’s Jack Petchey Award

Well done all those who received their Jack Petchey award at the event yesterday evening! Especially Eleanor!

Eleanor Petchey winners group shot

Eleanor getting her Petchey award

Group Meeting at Holy Trinity Wealdstone

Scouts Troop Meeting – 4 March 2016

Woodrow High House Camp – 12-14 February 2016

Scouts Troop Meeting 5 February 2016 – YouShape


Scouts Troop Meeting – 18 December 2015

Scouts Troop Meeting – 4 December 2015

A Million Hands – Clean Water and Sanitation for ALL

884 million people worldwide live without access to clean water and sanitation – this is 1 in 8 people.

This term the 13th/21st Harrow Scout Troop took part in the Scout Association’s ‘A Million Hands’ project. We chose to help people who don’t have the same privilege we have of clean water and sanitation. Scouts made a promise to help other people, so we made a pledge to save water and then we each wrote to our local MP to ask that he help.

Cameron, Joshua, Jamie


The 13th/21st Harrow Scout Troop wants to draw attention to the charity Water Aid, who help give access to clean water and sanitation to everyone. We contacted Gareth Thomas, our local MP, and made a pledge to save water. Our Scout Promise includes the words ‘we promise to help other people’ – millions of people are suffering from the effects of not having clean water and sanitation and we want to help these people.

Aidan, Zoe, Suraj, Eric, Eleanor


The 13th/21st Harrow Scout Troop are taking part in the Scout Association’s ‘A Million Hands’ Project. This means we looked at four social issues and decided which we wanted to support.

We chose clean water and sanitation for all as both a global and personal challenge. We all wrote to our local MP asking that clean water and sanitation be raised for foreign aid. We also made personal pledges to change habits and save water.

Lexie, Andre, Zeynep, Jemima, Sophie, Aditi



A Million Hands – Taking Action – 23 October 2015

Did you know?

  • around 5,000 children die every day due to easily preventable water related illness
  • 443 million school days are lost each year due to water related diseases
  • at any one time half the hospital beds in developing countries are filled with people suffering from diarrhoea

The 13th/21st Harrow Scout Troop find this unacceptable and have written to our MP, Gareth Thomas, to ask for his assistance in changing these statistics for the better.


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