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Beaver Meeting – 6 June 2014

This week the Beavers started work on a new badge, the Global Challenge. They began by discussing why we have rules and giving some examples, before looking at the Country Code.  After refreshments outside the evening was rounded off by playing an Australian game called Sticks.

Dates for your diary this term:

Friday 20 June – 13th/21st annual celebration evening in the Cub hall at 7pm, all welcome. (Beavers to assemble at 6.30pm in the Beaver hall for a quick rehearsal).

Sunday 22 June – Church Parade at St John’s Church, Harrow – details to follow.

Friday 18 July – last Beaver meeting of term.

Saturday 30 August – Beaver Summer Day Camp at Well End – details to follow.

The Beaver Team

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